Thursday, May 24, 2007

Heroes For Hire#13 Cover: An Epiphany

Tonight I had an epiphany.

And it had to do with this cover:

I'll admit I'm pretty ignorant about Japanese comics subgenres. Prior to this week, I couldn't distinguish between a hentai and a Hyundai.

I know even less about how to style African-American women's hair.

I also didn't realize there was such a thing as a "tentacle porn" or "tentacle rape" market. When I think of tentacles in comics, the only images I can conjure up are Doc Ock, Starro, M'Nagalah from the 70's CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN series, and that Green Lantern story where Itty evolved into this giant tentacled thing that tried to suck the calcium out of Green Arrow's bones....

Uh, in retrospect, maybe I should have seen this trend coming.

So I don't know everything. But I DO know that Marvel blew it big time with this cover.

So, anyway, I had an epiphany....

No, it wasn't that the cover was sexist. Even without the umpteen "When Fangirls Attack" links, I think I would have sussed that out on my own way before now. I'm male, not stupid.

Nor was it that the cover was age-inappropriate, despite Marvel sticking a 9+ label on it. My nephew is 9, and I wouldn't show him this cover if the fate of the world depended on it.

My epiphany was... Marvel screwed up big time with this cover. MONUMENTALLY. Here's how:

What do we know about Heroes for Hire in its current incarnation?

Let's see: It's a female-run and predominantly female-staffed organization full of skilled adventurers that deals with special missions and kicking a lot of ass, featuring characters who were popularized in the 70's.

Now, think of a current DC comic that fits that description.

How many of you came up with:

(Epiphany time)


THE gateway book for female mainstream superhero readers at DC? One of DC's most popular books?

So, Marvel had a potential "Birds of Prey" on its hands.

And THIS is how they MARKETED IT ?????

(End of epiphany)


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At 11:05 PM , Blogger notintheface said...

Damn, you're fast! I just posted this thing!


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