Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Night Fights: Gene - Round 2: Hitting The Bullseye!

After missing last week's opening round of Friday Night Fights: Gene due to some work issues, I'm entering this bout swinging with a devil-may-care entry that hits the target, courtesy of Daredevil #169 by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson.

Synopsis: Bullseye has a brain tumor that makes him see everyday people he encounters as Daredevil, leading him to start killing those everyday people. He's about to do exactly that to two guys he kidnapped from a movie theater when the real DD intervenes.

And it's on!

To paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld: Oh, THIS should go well.

And here Matt has a life-saving brainstorm.

Not so fast, DD: You won the physical victory. Now let's see if you also score the moral victory.

And Matt is 2-for-2!

Tonight's fight music is this on-the-mark opus by The Distillers.

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Friday, April 08, 2016

Friday Night Fights “Better Cal Saúl” Prize Fight: Cyber-Tag!

Our host Spacebooger has arranged a special prize fight round called FNF: “Better Cal Saúl!”. This round has one special rule: Every fight should have another fighter, other than the one from the first panel, get “called” in and deliver the KO

I've decided to answer the "call" with this cybernetic scuffle from The New Titans #59, by Marv Wolfman, George Perez, Tom Grummett, and Bob McLeod. Synopsis: After a series of attacks by the Wildebeest, the Titans discovered their beastial attacker was actually a disguised and mind-controlled Victor Stone (aka Cyborg). They deduce that the real Wildebeest was one of the S.T.A.R. Labs scientists assigned to maintain Vic's cybernetic body and implanted the controlling device inside him, so they use the same device to track the villain back to his home. Cyborg (who will be serving tonight's round as the aforementioned "fighter from the first panel") arrives first.

Which fighter will be "called in" to save Vic now? 




No, it's...


Tonight's fight music is by Dreams So Real.

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Night Fights: Canelo - Round 12: Take The Supergirls Bowling, Take Them Bowling!

For tonight's round of Friday Night Fights: Canelo, I'm putting my mind in the gutter with Adventure Comics#423 by E. Nelson Bridwell, Steve Skeates, Mike Sekowsky, and Bob Oksner. Long story short: Aliens use a pair of sunglasses to enslave Supergirl by taking control of all her motor functions. The brother of the aliens' commander manipulates the enslaved Maid Of Might into melting her body-controlling shades with her heat vision, freeing her from their control. And now that she's free...the aliens are in trouble as she teaches them one of Earth's leading recreational pastimes.

Looks like she really BOWLED them over! I'd like to see Melissa Benoist do a live-action version of this.

The fight music for tonight's tenth-frame fracas is by Camper Van Beethoven.

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Night Fights: Canelo - Round 10: Rock, Rock 'Til THEY Drop!

For tonight's round of Friday Night Fights: Canelo, I'm flashing back to the days of World War II courtesy of Our Army At War#168 by Robert Kanigher and Joe Kubert. Synopsis: Sgt. Rock and his comrade Little Sure Shot (just roll with it) are ambushed by some SS agents. Let's see how that works out..

Answer: Not very well....for the SS.

Tonight's fight music is by Def Leppard.

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Friday, March 04, 2016

Friday Night Fights: Canelo - Round 9: Grundy Grinding!

I've posted many fights over the years, but tonight's round of Friday Night Fights: Canelo may be the first one I've posted to synch up with a children's nursery rhyme. Tonight's poetic pugilism comes from Infinity Inc. #3 by Roy Thomas, Jerry Ordway, and Mike Machlan. Synopsis: the recently-formed Infinity Inc. is taking on Solomon Grundy and he is handing their butts to them individually. But then they begin to act like a team and it's literally poetry in motion.

And down goes Solly the Grund.

Tonight's fight music is by The Foundations.

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Night Fights: Canelo - Round 7: Stomp The Hulk!

Tonight's round of Friday Night Fights: Canelo is a sequel of sorts to a previous fight posted by yours truly from Incredible Hulk#154 by Archie Goodwin, Herb Trimpe, and John Severin. In that fight, the Hulk had taken an old vial of the shrinking serum Hank "Ant Man" Pym had used to rescue the Fantastic Four from the Microverse years earlier, only to find it had deteriorated and only reduced him to the size of a gerbil. When we last left that scaled-down smackdown, the Hulk had clobbered a cocky Chameleon and sought to escape captivity from HYDRA's lair. In the interim between then and the scene depicted in tonight's round, Ant-Man rescued our Green Skinned Former Goliath, only to discover the defective shrinking serum's effects were not quite complete.


Tonight's foot-stomping fight music is by the Happy Mondays.

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Friday, February 05, 2016

Friday Night Fights: Canelo - Round 5: Pay The Devil!

For tonight's round of Friday Night Fights: Canelo I'll be showing you a devilishly good fight courtesy of Daredevil #164, written by Roger McKenzie and illustrated by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson. Synopsis: Matt Murdock's father Battlin' Jack Murdock didn't take a dive during a fight Matt was watching like his manager, the Fixer, ordered him to, so the Fixer had him killed. Now Matt has grown up to be the crimefighter Daredevil, and he wants revenge.

Now that's the kind of art that propelled Frank Miller into an illustrious career and all the later cranky excesses that went with it.

Tonight's fight music comes from The Knack.

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