Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Night Fights - Round 1: Stark Reality

Tony "Iron Man" Stark has a lot to answer for:

- Tricking the Hulk into a rocket and jettisoning him into space, where said rocket later exploded and killedthe Hulk's city and family.

- Using Thor's DNA to create a clone that ended up killing Bill "Goliath" Foster.

- Convincing Spider-Man to reveal his secret identity, thereby putting his life in danger and causing his AuntMay to get shot.

- Locking up unregistered heroes in a prison in the Negative Zone.

- Establishing a team of villains to hunt down unregistered heroes and putting Norman Osborn of all people in charge of that team.

Suffice it to say that a lot of fans carry intense hatred towards Iron Man bacause of those above actions.

This post is for those fans.

Because there's no better outlet for satisfying all that Stark-hate than....

...watching Iron Man get pwned by a guy with a bow and arrow.

Thank Bahlactus.


At 8:20 AM , Blogger SallyP said...

Why...why that was indeed quite lovely.

Gosh, wouldn't you just love to see Tony Stark thrown into a nice Turkish prison or something and see how much HE likes it?


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