Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Night Fights: Bad Boys - Round 3: Merciless!

Welcome back to Friday Night Fights: Bad Boys, where the bad guys score villainous victories against our heroes. During Spacebooger's previous contests, I had established a little ritual, in that after each time I won a round, I followed up in the next week fight by posting a Legion of Super Heroes-related entry in the next round. Well, my previous week's Lex Luthor entry won Round 2, so, in keeping with our "Bad Boys" theme, my entry for Round 3 will spotlight one of the Legion's most powerful arch-nemeses, Mordru the Merciless.

But he's not fighting the Legion or Superboy in tonight's battle. Instead, he's going up against the Justice Society of America in JSA#3 by James Robinson, Steve Sadowski, and Michael Bair. (This was back when pitting the JSA against Mordru was actually an original idea.) Here, a young Mordru is trying to gain control of the body and powers of the new Dr. Fate.

Here, he faces off against the JSA inside Fate's mystic tower.....

...and completely owns them.

What I find impressive about Mordru here is how he isn't content with just pointing his hands at the JLA and, say, turning them into frogs. He's not afraid to get physical.

He even beats Atom-Smasher at his own game.

They don't call him "The Dark Lord" for nothing!