Friday, October 04, 2013

Friday Night Fights: Wright - Round 6: Freelance Kids!

Tonight's round of Friday Night Fights: Wright comes from the Freelancers#1, which begins the story of two early twenty-something best friends named Cassie (the blonde) and Val (the brunette) who also happen to be freelance bounty hunters raised together in a kung fu orphanage called The House Of Little Fortunes.

Tonight's entry features Cassie and Val as little kids making their first attempt to run away from the orphanage after Val mouthed off to the headmistress. But it's not even 5 minutes after walking on the streets that they run into these guys.

If this were a Nu52 comic, this might have gone off into a more....unpleasant direction. But fortunately, it's a BOOM! book, so...

...did I mention Val's penchant for mouthing off?

The creepy guys don't take that well.

Unfortunately for them.

Tonight's fight music is another demonstration of the power of two by Grover Washington Jr. and Bill Withers.

For more freelance fracases, click here. And don't forget to vote!


At 7:39 AM , Blogger SallyP said...

Oh...I hardly even know what to say about this!

At 10:21 PM , Blogger john patinson said...

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