Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Night Fights - Ladies' Night - Round 7: The Beetle vs. The Wall

For this week's edition of Friday Night Fights - Ladies' Night, I present Justice League America #27.

Synopsis: After receiving a mysterious phone call while on monitor duty, Blue Beetle suddenly becomes unhinged and tries to kill Maxwell Lord. He is on the verge of succeeding, but is taken out by Huntress and Batman (sustaining a painful leg wound from Huntress' crossbow in the process) and placed in a locked room. After determining that Beetle was brainwashed by the Queen Bee, Bats and Lord bring in Amanda Waller to deprogram him. The Wall begins by speaking alone with Beetle, who is, for now, back to his normal self. That is, until Amanda mentions the 3-word message Beetle received from the aforementioned phone call: "Bialya, My Bialya".

Which happens to be the trigger phrase.

Now watch what happens next:

Bug flies into Wall. Bug gets flattened. End of story.

So says Bahlactus.


At 9:21 AM , Blogger SallyP said...

Oooh, that's the one with the Exorcist cover isn't it? A darned good issue, and really pretty art.

At 8:50 PM , Blogger notintheface said...

Yes, it was the one with the silhouette of Amanda Waller taking the priest's place.


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