Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mass Debating

After watching this last debate, I can tell you who Barack Obama has reminded me of throughout the latter half of the general election.

And, no, it's not Muhammad Ali with his classic "rope-a-dope" style.

It's this guy:

Sebastian Shaw, leader of the Hellfire Club.

Granted, he and Obama look completely different, and Obama's wardrobe is a touch more...contemporary. Plus, Sebastian is, well, evil. But there are many similarities in their fighting styles.

Both Sebastian and Barack have employed the same modus operandi:

1. Let your opponent take the first, or the first several, shots and absorb the punishment.

2. Use the force of your opponent's attack to strengthen yourself. (The methods to achieve this end are different for the two men: While Sebastian uses his mutant ability to absorb and channel kinetic energy, Obama relies on only his wits and eloquence. Which way is better? Who am I to judge?) And when you have sufficiently strengthened yourself......

3.) BAM! Kick some ass!

John McCain's debate style reminded me of another comic-book villain:

Don't believe me? Check out this debate performance. Looks familiar, huh? Especially in the similar use of the "guilt by association" meme.


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