Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Night Fights - Ladies' Night - Round 10: Manhunter vs. Johnny Depp

Well, not Johnny Depp, exactly. But she does fight a homicidal killer named Sweeney Todd with a similar modus operandi.

At first, she's not doing too well...

...but after a Cameron Chase assist, she's back in action.....

...and she goes for the throat, leading to this pyrotechnic display......

.....and after Sweeney Todd has gone down, Kate realizes she must now face an even more fearsome threat...


But even the Paparazzi are no match for...Bahlactus!!!

(So long for now, Kate!)


At 7:58 AM , Blogger SallyP said...

Kate is indeed awesome. I am SO depressed that they are apparently going to cancel her...again. Can't they give the title a little time to build up an audience? It JUST came back a few months ago from an extended leave of absence, it wouldn't hurt to give it a little time.



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