Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chicken Or The Egg: A question for Val D'Orazio or regular readers of her site

I only read Valerie D'Orazio's blog, pardon the pun, occasionally, but recently I wrote this in which I complained that because of Val's post and Sally P's response to said post I could not get this song by a certain early 80's Australian pop band who isn't Air Supply, Men At Work, or INXS out of my head.

The thing is that a few days later I noticed that Val's site had this as her banner:

Now look at the title of the comic Val is promoting with her banner here. And then look back at the song I referred to above.

Here's my problem: I got the idea for my original blog post after reading Sally's entry on her Green Lantern Butt's Forever site, and before I read Val's entry on her site. I posted my entry after reading Val's. And I wasn't paying attention to what Val had as her banner when I wrote my post on March 14. So I don't know if she changed it to the banner above before or after I posted my entry.

My guess: Val already had it as her banner when I viewed her blog, and I just wasn't paying attention. But I can't remember for sure.

And for some reason it's driving me nuts.

Somebody please enlighten me.


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