Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Night Fights: Minimum Clonage - Grand Finale: Imp Vs. Impy!

Tonight's the final round of Friday Nnight Fights: Minimum Clonage, Where the rule is that no contestant can reuse a dominant fighter during this 12-round bout. Let's start by taking one last look at the Used Character Board (TM):

Shadow Lass, Professor Zoom, Ant-Man, Iron Man, Bethany Cabe, Liberty Belle, Nexus, Black Rider,The Ancient One, Superman, Joker.

For our 12th and final round, I've saved the best for last with tonight's battle royale. Tonight, I bring you:


Tonight's imp-broglio comes from Silver Surfer/Superman #1, written by George Perez and illustrated by Ron Lim and Terry Austin. Our musical selection for tonight is Weezer's "Troublemaker".

Synopsis: The Impossible Man and Mr. Mxyzptlk meet and decide to play a game involving Superman and the Silver Surfer, which involves yanking each one into the other's dimension messing with them. However, one of Impy's conditions was that no innocent people were to be hurt, so when he sees a miniaturized, bottled Metropolis being ripped apart as a result of Mxy's attack, the perturbed Poppupian confronts the 5th-dimensional magician about his promise, only to find out that...

...Mxy lied.

Needless to say, Impy is not a happy camper.

Mxy doesn't really care.

If it were any other opponent, Mr Mxyzptlk turning them into a slug would mean "game over". But since it's the shape-shifting Impossible Man, the fun's just beginning!

To fully appreciate the rest of battle, you'll need the following color key:

Purple & gold = Mxy
Purple & green = Impy

Let's continue:

The Surfer provides some color commentary:

Of course, where would we be without Batman?

A special bonus goes to anyone who identifies all the characters being impersonated below:

And finally....

In Spacebooger's house, anything goes.