Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Night Fights: Maxim - Round 10: What Happens To Vegas...

Did you know that Superman once fought a guy named Les Vegas?

No, really! I can prove it!

See, I told you!

My proof is also my entry for tonight's round of Friday Night Fights: Maxim. We're going all the way back to 1977 for this Friday fracas from Superman#315, written by Martin Pasko and drawn by Curt Swan and Dan Adkins.

Who was Les Vegas? He was the second incarnation of Superman's sometime rival/enemy Blackrock.. However, as you can see below, he was obviously inspired by Martin Pasko's Saturday evening TV viewing habits. Which 70's comedic celeb was the source of Pasko's inspiration? Here are a few clues.

Let's start with the story's title...

OK, if that's not enough of a clue, here's the name of Vegas' TV show...

Let's see... a show called Saturday Night Live Friday Night Revue.....

....featuring a cast of talented comedic actors known as the Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time Players Unready-For-Nielsen Ensemble. Do I even need to mention that this story features a pratfall-laced Gerald Ford impression?

Here's the synopsis: The president of Galaxy Broadcasting's rival, UBC (yet another clue), has comissioned the network's Chief Inventor (it's the Bronze Age, just go with it) Peter Silverstone to create their own superhero to match Galaxy's Superman scoops, which led Silverstone to create Blackrock. Silverstone's first pick to fill the Blackrock suit was the UBC president. His next choice is the aforementioned president's comedian nephew, who also happens to be the aforementioned Les Vegas.

Here's the Superman-Vegas showdown, which ironically takes place on the set of a casino-themed game show...

Oh, did I mention Blackrock's penchant for horrible television-related puns?

Comic book science, everybody!

Now, for the big finish....

In the New 52 continuity, Les goes on to co-star in the NBC UBC sitcom "Community" "City College", where he is currently engaged in a highly-publicized feud with series creator Dan Harmon Dave Harmony.

Haven't figured out who "Les Vegas" is, yet? The answer is also in tonight's fight song.

For more late-night lunacy, click here. And don't forget to vote!


At 9:12 AM , Blogger SallyP said...

Good grief, this is magnificently horribly bad. And quite frankly, we need more of stories like this.

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