Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Night Fights: Assassin - Round 8: Batman Has No Use For Your Silly Mega-City One Bureaucracy!

Tonight's round of Friday Night Fights: Assassin is a reminder of an important lesson: Batman hates bureaucracies. Especially on Mega-City One.

Tonight's intercompany embroglio comes from the crossover comic Batman/Judge Dredd: Judgement On Gotham, written by Alan Grant and John Wagner and illustrated by Simon Bisley. Synopsis: Judge Death has used a dimensional transporter to teleport from Mega-City One to Gotham City. After briefly subduing Death, Batman accidentally activates Death's transporter and finds himself on Mega-City One, just in time to be arrested by Judge Dredd.

While in Dredd's custody, Batman is interrogated by Psi-Judge Anderson, who wants to dimension-jump to Gotham with the Dark Knight to apprehend the reconstituted Judge Death before he lays waste to the city. Dredd, of course, puts the kibosh on this, insisting that they wait to consult a higher court because Gotham is out of their jurisdiction. Not only that, he insists Batman must serve twenty years in jail for illegal weapons possession (for everything in Bats' utility belt).

Needless to say, the Caped Crusader does NOT take this well.

Make that: Batman REALLY hates bureaucracies!

Tonight's fight music is this bit of lawbreaking loudness from Judas Priest.

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