Friday, November 01, 2013

Friday Night Fights: Wright - Round 10: In Which Superboy Goes Full-On Charlton Heston!

Before I start tonight's Friday Night Fights: Wright round, here's some news about the upcoming fate of Superboy in the Nu52 DC Universe.

Depressed yet?

Well, just to bring your spirits back up, I'm taking you back to happier days when DC actually knew what the hell they were doing with Kon-El. And if you really want to talk about Kon done right, you have to go to original masters Karl Kesel (writing and inks) and Tom Grummett (pencils). Tonight's Boy Of Steel brouhaha comes from Superboy#50.

Synopsis: Superboy has been taken prisoner in an area called the Wild Lands, an area dominated by intelligent human-animal hybrids. Thanks to a devious lizard-man named Sacker, he's also been administered a drug that robs him of his powers, memory, and intelligence, and he's found himself enslaved with other similarly-affected ordinary humans. He's been captured by the tiger-hybrid King Caesar and his son Prince Tuftan, who, like most of the Wild Lands hybrids, are unaware of the true scope of the humans' intelligence and the true drugging effect. Meanwhile, a rival to Caesar takes this moment to attempt to assassinate him.

And here's where I take another page out of Snell's FNF playbook with some man-on-animal action.

(No relation to Ghostface Killah.)

The Boy Of Steel does not take this well.

Ok, remember what I said about the drug robbing Kon-El of his power and intelligence?

Well, guess what chooses this exact moment to wear off?

And Superboy goes full-on Charlton Heston on Killa's @$$!

Here's some super fight music from The Bears (the Adrian Belew band, not the Chicago sports team).

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