Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Night Fights: Battlin' Jack - Round 12: Sir Galahad!

Tonight's final round of Friday Night Fights: Battlin' Jack comes from Thrillbent's weekly online comic Insufferable by Mark Waid and Peter Krause. Insufferable is the story of Nocturnus and his son/former sidekick Galahad. After a falling-out Galahad goes public and becomes a celebrity (and also kind of a jerk). At the point where I begin, Insufferable Vol.2 Chapter 16, Nocturnus and Galahad, while tracking the man who embezzled all of Galahad's money to Florida, had stumbled upon a murder mystery. When Galahad and his press agent questioned some young children in their clubhouse about the murder, some goons hired by said embezzler fire-bombed the clubhouse and later shot Galahad in the head. Here the goons report back to their boss.

Unfortunately for them, the man in the chair is...

.....not who they think he is.

Turns out the gunshot wound only grazed Galahad instead of killing him. Worse, he snuck into their car trunk and followed them back to their boss (aka the guy bound and gagged with Galahad's boot on his head.).

And there's the setup for tonight's fight. Which brings us to Insufferable Vol. 2 Chapter 17 for the fight itself. Did I mention that Galahad, in addition to being alive, is also quite pissed?

Lesson: Don't mess with Galahad.

Tonight's fight music is by Josh Ritter.

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