Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Night Fights: Canelo - Round 7: Stomp The Hulk!

Tonight's round of Friday Night Fights: Canelo is a sequel of sorts to a previous fight posted by yours truly from Incredible Hulk#154 by Archie Goodwin, Herb Trimpe, and John Severin. In that fight, the Hulk had taken an old vial of the shrinking serum Hank "Ant Man" Pym had used to rescue the Fantastic Four from the Microverse years earlier, only to find it had deteriorated and only reduced him to the size of a gerbil. When we last left that scaled-down smackdown, the Hulk had clobbered a cocky Chameleon and sought to escape captivity from HYDRA's lair. In the interim between then and the scene depicted in tonight's round, Ant-Man rescued our Green Skinned Former Goliath, only to discover the defective shrinking serum's effects were not quite complete.


Tonight's foot-stomping fight music is by the Happy Mondays.

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