Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Night Fights: Sugar Ray - Round 7: Mini-Hulk Edition!

For this week's round of Friday Night Fights: Sugar Ray, it's time for another visit to our lightweight division.

This week's miniscule melee comes from Incredible Hulk#154, in a story written by Archie Goodwin and illustrated by Herb Trimpe and John Severin titled "Hell Is A Very Small Hulk!". Synopsis: The Hulk is trying to return to his beloved Jarella's submicroscopic homeworld, and he vaguely remembers Henry Pym explaining to Bruce Banner how Pym had a serum in his lab that he once used to reach the Fantastic Four in the Microverse. The Hulk then does a little breaking-and-entering into Pym's lab, where he finds and drinks the shrinking serum, only to find that the serum, which had suffered some prior deterioration, stops at reducing him to the size of a small doll and rendering him unconscious. Worse, he gets captured by the Chameleon, who had been breaking into Pym's lab disguised as Pym at the same time to steal some of Hank's documents, and brought to the headquarters of Hydra, who had hired Cham to steal those aforementioned documents.

It's at this point Marvel's master of disguise gets cocky, casually manhandling the Hulk in his bare hand and gloating about how helpless he is. Unfortunately, Cham forgets that even at greatly diminished size, our green-skinned mini-behemoth still retains the proportionate strength of....well....

....a HULK!

Cham got off light here. He's lucky to have escaped that without his fingers being broken....or worse. Lesson for our face-shifting felon: Let shrinking Hulks lie!

In keeping with the motif of this fight, here's a little something from Steve Vai that will serve as tonight's fight music.

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