Friday, May 16, 2008

So This Is What Feminism In The Bizarro World Looks Like

Someone please explain this to me.

Let's get this straight: These women are dissatisfied with the Democratic Party's, and the Obama Campaign's, treatment of women, and so if Hillary doesn't get the nomination they'll vote for John McCain, who has stated that he'll appoint more ultraconservative judges, overturn Roe v Wade, and set women's rights back over 60 years?

Talk about ass-backwards.

"Well, the male Democrats disrespected us, so now we're gonna kiss our reproductive freedoms goodbye! And get our sons and daughters embroiled in an endless war with Iran to boot! That'll show 'em!"

Now let me point out that I believe that the women in that O'Reilly clip obviously represent a small minority of Hillary supporters, and an even smaller minority of women.

But I hope it's small enough not to make a difference.

Or we're all royally screwed.



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