Friday, April 02, 2010

Public Announcements, 4/2/10

*ATTENTION ALL CURRENT HUNTRESS ARTISTS NOT NAMED "CULLY HAMNER"!* Please, for the love of God, banish that God-awful Jim Lee bare-midriff monstrosity of a costume back to the mothballs where it belongs. Helena is not an invulnerable Kryptonian like Supergirl or force-field-protected like a Green Lantern. Nor is she a teenager. Huntress is a normal, non-powered, flesh-and-blood, intelligent grown-ass woman. And she operates in Gotham City, which is rife with gun-toting and knife-wielding maniacs, many of whom she regularly fights singlehandedly. So unless she's dipped those abs in the River Styx, there's no way in hell she'd leave them unprotected. I'm not sure how crazy I am about the shoulderpads on Hamner's costume design, but it's way better than giving Helena an outfit that makes no goddamn sense for crimefighting just so some readers can, well, beat the bishop.

*ATTENTION JOHN MCCAIN!* So you say that you and the Republicans won't cooperate with Obama and the Democrats for the rest of the year because of the health care bill? Newsflash: You weren't cooperating before the health care vote, genius. Unless, of course, you consider refusing to give one vote, srpeading lies and disinformation, whipping up your supporters into a frenzy, and calling the other side "socialists" your idea of "cooperation", in which case you need to reread the dictionary.

*ATTENTION JOHN BOEHNER!* The passage of the health care bill isn't Armageddon, Mr. Coppertone. This is Armageddon!

*ATTENTION GREEK MYTHOLOGY LOVERS!* Here's a book that should be right up your alley: "HERALD" by N.F. Houck , who just happens to be Sea Of Green. I haven't had a chance to read the book myself, but if it's a fraction as entertaining as her blog Hoosier Journal of Inanity, it should be one hell of a read. Learn more about it here.

*ATTENTION OK GO!* After creating perhaps the greatest video of all time (eat it, Kanye!), it must be a challenge to follow it up. So let me just say: Keep up the good work!


At 7:49 AM , Blogger Sea-of-Green said...

Thanks for the plug, Notintheface. :-)


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