Sunday, April 25, 2010

What "Brightest Day" SHOULD have been called

It's kind of appropriate that "Brightest Day" should start off with a bird. Because it seemed like DC was flipping the bird at a lot of people with both "Brightest Day" and the "Blackest Night" finale which led up to it.

When you think about it, this series could have been called "Brightest Day: Fuck You!"

Let's look at some of the people DC flipped off:

Fuck you, Kendra Saunders fans! - Snell over at Slay, Monstrobot was complaining about how Ryan Choi has been shunted off to the sidelines lately. But Ryan fans should count their blessings: At least when Ray Palmer came back Ryan wasn't erased from existence.

Fuck you, Greg Rucka! - So, apparently DC's doing a JLI series where Max Lord has used his mind control so that everyone except Booster, Fire, Ice, and Captain Atom forgets he exists. Only one problem with that: Wonder Woman should still be immune to his power. Remember "Sacrifice"? Apparently DC remembers that Diana snapped Max's neck but not Diana's immunity to Max's mind control. Max could be spewing blood like Rage Kitty and it still shouldn't affect Diana.

Fuck you, Robert L. Washington III and Randy Duburke! - I know what you're thinking: "Who?" But Washington and Duburke created the story back in Showcase '96 where Ronnie Raymond struggles and finally overcomes his alcoholism. So, of course, we're treated to a scene where Ronnie blows off Jason Rusch's girlfriend Gehenna's funeral for a kegger party.

Fuck you, Dan Jurgens! - Remember how Hank Hall became a villain named Monarch and then became another villain named Extant and killed 3 members of the Justice Society and worked with Parallax to try to destroy the universe? Apparently, Geoff Johns doesn't.

Fuck you, minority superhero fans! - I remember reading an article a few years back comparing Marvel's and DC's approaches to including more minorities in their books, stating that Marvel's approach is to create brand new minority heroes flat-out i.e. Luke Cage, whereas DC's is to put minorities in their legacy hero roles, i.e. the Jason Rusch Firestorm or Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle. The only flaw with DC's approach is that some creator like, say, Dan DiDio or Geoff Johns, eventually decides that they want to give said minority legacy hero the boot because his/her white predecessor is the hero that said creator grew up with. That's why Jason Rusch, gets demoted to the Martin Stein role and Firestorm gets to look like the 1978 version again. "Brightest Day"? More like WHITEST Day!

At a time when comics are struggling to maintain their audience, DC should watch who it gives the finger.


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