Thursday, August 05, 2010

Superdickery Vs. Spider-Man

Last week I posted a scene from the Superman Vs. Spider-Man company crossover detailing their big fight. I couldn't help but notice something about how that fight concluded...

I'll guess: Is it the red sun radiation ray that temporarily made Spidey as strong as Big Blue?


(Insert dirty joke here.)

Ok, judging by the way he's been just standing there in the last few panels, I'd say Superman has figured out that Spidey's not nearly as strong as he was a few minutes ago. But does he warn Spidey? Does he try to gently stop Spidey's fists with his hands? Does he even try to duck or get out of the way?


Instead, he just steels himself and lets Spidey keep battering his fists against his invulnerable body again....

...and again....

....and AGAIN......

...until finally.....

But is Supes satisfied there? Nope, he's got to get in one last shot while they're "making up".

Keep in mind that Superman mastered how to shake hands with non-powered Earthlings when he was a kid, which would mean that he'd been shaking hands with normal humans for over 20 years.

Make no mistake: Superman is a dick!


At 1:00 PM , Blogger SallyP said...

Yes. Yes he is. And yet...somehow I can't really blame him in this instance, because Spider-Man is ALSO being a dick.

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