Thursday, November 04, 2010

Election Night On Bizarro World

Welcome to American Election Night 2010 on the Bizarro World. We're going to take a special look at the Bizarro American citizens' thought processes:

"Me vote to punish President in election year that he's not on ballot."

"Me mad about high taxes, so me vote to punish President that just gave me highest tax cut ever."

"Me worried about growing deficit, so me vote to punish President who just reduced deficit by 103 billion."

"Me mad that me getting ignored as voter, so me not vote. Me also mad that Republicans have too much power, so me stay home and, as a result, hand them more power."

"Me dissatisfied that change not come fast enough over last two years, so me replace Speaker who was instrumental in getting changes over last two years with Speaker who worked to block all changes over last two years."

"Me think President is Muslim whose beliefs were shaped by his Reverend Wright."

"Me think not getting dropped by insurance company for getting sick is bad thing."

"Me mad about current economic mess, so me vote back in party that caused current economic mess."

"Me mad about lack of jobs, so me vote in party who blocked jobs bill."

Oh, wait. That wasn't the Bizarro World America . That was this America.

Pathetic, huh?

Oh, I hear ya, buddy!


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