Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Night Fights: Free For All - Round 9: Green On Green, Part Deux!

After eight rounds of Friday Night Fights: Free For All, I have yet to score a victory. I've tried Wolverine abuse and even Iron Man abuse, but to no avail. Now, it's time for me to roll out something I haven't tried so far in this bout: Hal Jordan abuse.

As an added bonus, it's another of my special "Green On Green" rounds, in which two or more Green Lanterns go head-to-head. Hal's opponent tonight is none other than John Stewart. Our fight music for tonight is "Green Mind" by Dink.

Tonight's emerald embroglio comes from Green Lantern: Mosaic#5, by Gerard Jones, Cully Hamner, and Dan Panosian. Synopsis: The Mad Guardian had abducted towns from various planets and relocated them onto one "mosaic" world. After his defeat, the remaining Guardians kept this world as is and assigned Stewart to protect it. Among the residents is Rose Hardin, a former love interest of Jordan's. In this issue, Hal offers her and her son a return to Earth, but Rose turns him down flat to stay with John on the Mosaic world.

Hal, being a complete egotistical dickweed, naturally assumes that Rose could only have rejected him because John is out of his mind and is controlling her.

Which leads to this exchange...

Hal, arrogant ass that he is, decides not to take no for an answer.

John fights back, but they both soon realize that they're endangering Rose and her house, so then it's psychic duel time.

John isn't doing too well, at first.

But then this happens....

Hal is undeterred, but then...

....he gets slammed in the face with a briefcase wielded by...

This is followed by a boot to the head from.....

...MC Hammer?

Hal gets up and attacks, only to face....

... an army of Johns!

Hal decides to fight fire with fire.

So, how does creating this "army of Hals" work out for him?

Kind of like this.

Instead of seeing Hal being abused, we get to see multiple Hals being abused.

Until, finally....

Truth be told, I had never held John Stewart in particularly high regard prior to GL: Mosaic. The throwdown in this issue completely changed that and officially elevated him to one of my favorite GL's. As for Hal, he'd been acting even more full of himself than ever at this point, particularly in his treatment of Guy Gardner, so believe me when I say.... HE HAD IT COMING!

For more comic characters getting their comeuppances, click here. And don't forget to vote!


At 7:36 AM , Blogger SallyP said...

This...this is a treat. This was Hal at his MOST obnoxious, and frankly, he was long overdue for a comeuppance.

Mosaic was one of my favorite series, and Gerard Jones really did a spectacular job. It ended way too soon, but on the other hand, it did go out on a high note, and has remained a perfect jewel, so perhaps it is just as well after all.

But yeah, John was amAZing in this. And handed Hal a few home truths, as well as his head. Being Hal of course, I'm pretty sure that none of it actually penetrated that swelled melon of a head, but at least John tried.


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