Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Night Fights: Fight Life! - Round 2: He's Got Big Balls!

I won Round One of Friday Night Fights: Fight Life last week with my Tasmanian Devil entry, so tradition dictates that I follow up this week with a Legion Of Super-Heroes related entry.  This time I'm showcasing a severely underrated Legionnaire, one I've never used before: Chuck Taine aka Bouncing Boy!

Tonight's bouncing brouhaha comes from Superboy#216 (the same issue which introduced "fan-favorite" Tyroc), in a backup story written by Cary Bates and drawn by Mike Grell. Synopsis: Bouncing Boy and his wife, Duo Damsel, are relaxing at a park when Chuck gets harrassed by a street gang that he had put behind bars earlier. This story was set during a period where Chuck had lost his bouncing powers, so Duo Damsel comes to his aid and drives off the gangbangers. Unfortunately,  she also gets drugged in the process after one of the thugs nicks her with his spiked ring, causing her to collapse, just in time for the gang to come back for revenge.

Here, Bouncing Boy carries an unconscious Duo Damsel into one of the park's athletic courts to make his final stand.

While Chuck doesn't have powers, he's still got balls. Literally.

Chuck hurls the rubber balls at the gang.....

.....and misses! (Or does he?)

You have to give Mike Grell credit for being fair-minded.  While he has drawn his share of scantily-clad females over the course of his career, he's never been shy about drawing scantily-clad males as well .  Notice the street gang's outfits, which were clearly inspired by 21st Century Nevada law enforcement officer Jim Dangle.

Remember those two rubber balls that Chuck ...uhhh... chucked at the gang members a few panels ago?

Well, here they are!

But how did he do that?

Oh, that's how.  Well, if he ever decides to give up on being a Legionnaire, he's got a promising career as a pool shark!

Tonight's fight music is "Big Balls" by Australian rockers AC/DC.

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