Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spitting Image...

This last Monday, Snell launched a complaint against some of the Image books. Now, here's one of my own.

Dear staff of INVINCIBLE:

I understand you want to print and respond to as many reader comments as you can in your letter column. I really do.

But this????


Above is part of the letter column of  the most recent INVINCIBLE issue. The letter font size above isn't shrunken down to fit my blog page. It's the actual size. If anything, it's a tad bigger than the original, although, admittedly, not as clear. This is actually the second or third issue with this reduced font. As this is the only Image comic I read, I don't know if other comics in their line share this font size.

Can you see the problem here?

What reader demographic are you targeting here? Lilliputians? The only people who can read this lettering comfortably are The Atom or his Image counterpart, Shrinking Ray.

Some of us readers are actually over 40. Don't make us have to break out the magnifying glass and bi-focals yet, OK?

Please make it stop.