Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Night Fights: Hands Of Stone - Round 12: Cosmic Love!

Well, last week's Amnesiac Time-Travelling Batman entry won Round 11 of Friday Night Fights: Hands Of Stone, so for our final Round 12, I'm following my own tradition and posting another Legion Of Super-Heroes fight. This time the focus is on one of the Legion's most famous couples.

Tonight's magnetic melee comes from Superboy#212 by Jim Shooter and Mike Grell. Synopsis: Cosmic Boy and Night Girl have a falling out over her obsession with catching a pointy-eared, bug-eyed crimelord named "Crafty" Colson (no relation to Phil Coulson). While looking for her to apologize, Cos gets jumped by Colson and his gang. When Night Girl sees Cos in danger, she rushes to his aid but is overcome by the gang due to her weakness to bright light.

Normally, Cosmic Boy is one of the Legion's calmer members. But when his girlfriend is about to be killed by Colson's goon Hunk, well....

.....LOOK OUT!

Let that be a lesson to all you 30th Century thugs: Keep your hands off Cosmic Boy's girl!

Tonight's fight music is this Cosmic Love song by Florence And The Machine.

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