Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Night Fights: Hands Of Stone - Round 8: Original Gangsta!

This week I've paid tribute to the work of the late Joe Kubert. Tonight's round of Friday Night Fights: Hands Of Stone is a Kubert tribute of a different sort, as it focuses on a work he edited.

When I was spotlighting Kubert's covers this week, it turned out I omitted a great many. One of those covers was this one.

(Click to enlarge)

That's right. DC Comics published Stories From The Bible, a one-shot Limited Collector's Edition. In addition to drawing the cover and providing some interior art, Kubert also edited the book. Here we saw the illustrated versions of many classic biblical tales such as Adam and EveNoah's Ark, Sodom and Gamorrah, and Tower Of Babel (no, not the one with Batman's protocols).

This comic also featured that classic tale of brotherly hate, Cain and Abel, written by Sheldon Mayer and beautifully illustrated by Nestor Redondo, featuring the guy who invented murder in the process of ...uh...perfecting his original invention.  It is this story from which I draw tonight's fratricidal fracas.

And so Cain commits the very first murder, making him the true Original Gangsta.

From that last sentence, you might assume tonight's fight music would be hip-hop. But I did hip-hop last week, so this week I'm going with this Cain-raising classic by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

Spacebooger can and will get biblical on your @$$es!