Friday, November 02, 2012

Friday Night Fights: Double M - Round 4: Daredevil Brings The Kane Pain!

For tonight's round of Friday Night Fights: Double M, I'm bringing in someone whose fantastic fisticuffs have yet to grace this bout: Gil Kane!

Tonight's Kane-raising combat comes from Daredevil#146, written by Jim Shooter and illustrated by Gil Kane and Jim Mooney. Synopsis: Bullseye has taken over a TV station and challenged Daredevil to a live fight, so DD obliges him. Bullseye is getting the upper hand, but then.....

And Daredevil hits the Bullseye....REPEATEDLY! (Hey, it beats the hell out of stabbing him!)

Tonight's fight song by The Knack pays the 'Devil his due.

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(Special thanks to Doctor K.)