Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Night Fights: Assassin - Prize Fight: Quoth The Raven: "SPLAT!"

Welcome to tonight's Friday Night Fights: Assassin Prize Fight. Our host Spacebooger has given us one special ruleIt must be a fight scene featuring a fight where the loser “never saw it coming"The final blow should take place either off panel or by surprise to win the championship.

Tonight's surprising slugfest comes from Defenders#10, written by Matt Fraction and illustrated by Jamie McKelvie and Mike Norton. Synopsis: The Defenders (aka Black Cat, Iron Fist, Dr. Strange, Nick Fury, and the Red She-Hulk) have been transported to an alternate-present Earth where nearly everyone is dead. Also? They're stuck at ant-size. They get rescued by Scott "Ant-Man" Lang and his ants and brought to an unknown location. Unknown until now, that is.

In other words, Ant-Man's mystery hideout is in a garbage bag on a New York City rooftop. (Not exactly the Justice League Satellite there, eh, Scotty?) And now that bag is being attacked by ravens.

Which brings us to our host's rule for tonight's fight: That the loser never sees it coming. This raven thinks that the ant-sized heroes will be easy dinner for him.

He's wrong.

Guess we won't be getting any more lip, err beak, from that raven.

NOBODY ever expects a growing angry red lady!

And nobody ever expects Tilly And The Wall, who will be providing tonight's fight music.

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