Monday, August 09, 2010

True Story: Why I Bought Wonder Woman#601

There's a saying that success is one part inspiration and nine parts perspiration. Well, sometimes buying comics can be at least one part perspiration. At least, it was for me.

Let me tell you the story of why I bought Wonder Woman#601.

I was browsing through titles at my local comic shop. I grabbed the ones I definitely was going to purchase right off the bat, like both Green Lantern books and JLA: Generation Lost. Then I saw Wonder Woman#601.

I skimmed through the pages to see if I saw anything interesting enough to make me purchase it. There were some interesting things about it. I've enjoyed Don Kramer's artwork on the JSA, Detective Comics, and Nightwing books, and WW#601 was no exception.

As for the rest? It wasn't awful by any means. We learned a little more about the revised timeline. The highlight was Diana's mother Hippolyta literally going out in a blaze of glory, and we learned more about the fate of the Amazons. And we saw a mysterious new villain.

Plus, there was this page...

But still, there was a bit of a disconnect. The above positives notwithstanding, this chapter still didn't seem to hook my interest as much as these types of stories normally do. I think I was still having a hard time connecting to this "revised" Diana. So I was about to put it back on the rack.

But then I heard a small noise...


I looked down and saw that I had sweated on one of the interior pages.


Lousy, stinking sweat glands!

After wiping off the comic I had two choices: buy it or slip it back on the rack. The comic was printed on high quality glossy paper. Had it been on standard newsprint it would have caused actual damage to the page. Also, the clerk had not seen me sweat on it. If I had simply put the comic back, she would not have known.

But I would have known. So I shelled out the $2.99.

Lousy, stinking morals!


At 1:43 PM , Blogger SallyP said...

I admire your sweaty honesty.


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