Wednesday, September 22, 2010

That Loud Noise You Just Heard Was Me Flinging My Copy Of Justice League: Generation Lost#10 Against The Wall

I just picked up Justice League: Generation Lost#10. Everything was going fine until I read this charming exchange (bold and italics are mine):

MAGOG: "You a big Batman fan?"

MAXWELL LORD: "Batman is a lightning rod for psychotics. He's like a naked broad walking into a room full of rapists."

And with that, I was completely taken out of the story.




Look, I get that Max Lord is supposed to be the villain for this miniseries. But that line was just wrong, no matter what character says it. It betrays grossly unenlightened attitudes on rape.

The intended point of Max's dialogue was to express Max's opinion that Batman's presence provokes and inspires psychotic behavior. Fair enough. But Winick chose the most tasteless, sexist, and inappropriate analogy possible, especially for an all-ages comic, to make Max's point.

Really, Winick? Dozens of alternate analogies you could have used to convey the point, and you had to fall back on the old "she asked for it" trope?

Here's the deal, Judd: If this hypothetical naked woman were to walk into a room full of rapists, and something bad happened to her, it would be 100% the fault of the rapists and 0% hers. Why? Because she has the right to walk into a room unmolested, but they don't have the right to rape her.

Why did you use that line, Judd? Did you think it made you sound "edgy"? Newsflash: it didn't. Instead, it made you sound like an arrested adolescent jackass.

Thanks, Winick, for taking me out of what was actually an interesting story and reminding me why I often hate your work. Allow me to express my gratitude:

Fuck you very much, Judd.


At 12:50 PM , Blogger SallyP said...

Oh...Winick. I suppose he thinks that he sounds all edgy and evil and stuff. His Max is already written in such a schizophrenic manner, that I'm losing all track of it.

And having Tora keep swearing like a trooper isn't helping.

At 6:23 AM , Blogger Saranga said...

oh. oh dear.

that's terrible. Shame on you Winick.


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