Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Night Fights: Fight Life - Round 7: And You Thought "Bush Vs. Gore" Was Bad!

Welcome to Round 7 of  "Friday Night Fights: Fight Life" . I won a narrow victory last week for my Daredevil vs. Bullseye entry, so tradition dictates that this round's entry relates to the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Synopsis: It's Legion Election time! The votes are in, and Superboy has received the highest vote count, but he is ineligible for the Legion Leader post because he is only a part-time member who commutes from another time period. (Which begs the question: Why the f*** was his name on the ballot in the first place?) Therefore, the Leader position goes to the next runner-up, which was then-newcomer Wildfire.

Wildfire is about to be sworn in when Superboy shows up, madder than Rahm Emanuel after an Appellate Court decision........

........and Mon-El just hauls off and backhands him!

Wow! You never saw that during Bush vs. Gore!

The most interesting aspect of this story is why Superboy has his little tantrum. Apparently, he had seen a readout from one of the Legion computers predicting that the new Legion Leader would be killed on his or her first mission. So he decides he's going to replace Wildfire as leader in order to save his life. First he tries to bluster his way into the leadership role, and then he steals one of Wildfire's suits to impersonate him. Yes, that's right. That was his "A" plan! Gosh, Superboy, that's sooo much more efficient and effective than, oh, I don't know, just walking up to Wildfire with the computer readout and saying, "Dude, you might want to read this."

However, it turns out that Wildfire actually did read the same computer printout. Furthermore, his reading comprehension skills are apparently much higher than Superboy's, because it turns out that the computer actually predicted that Superboy would be leading the first mission and be killed by a Kryptonite-laced energy-beam. Wildfire arrives at the last minute to take the blast and save Superboy's life.

Got that?  Good! (It was the 70's. Just roll with it.)

For tonight's fight music, what better match for this Rube Goldberg-style plot than this Rube Goldberg-style music video by OK Go?

Tonight's electoral altercation comes to us from the lead story of Superboy#225, "And Who Shall Lead Them?", illustrated by James Sherman and Bob Wiacek. This story was the first Legion tale written by none other than Paul Levitz. Who could have predicted, based on this story, that he would go on to be one of the Legion's most beloved writers, penning such Legion epics as "The Great Darkness Saga"? Not even the Legion computer!

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