Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Night Fights: Fight Life - Prize Fight: Payback, Tim Drake Style!

Tonight is the final Prize Fight in our Friday Night Fights: Fight Life bout. According to our host, Spacebooger, tonight's entry  has to feature a fight scene from a comic where the hero takes down a group of random unnamed "thugs". The prize? A $5 Gift Card.

For tonight's round, I'm going with Tim Drake. And by "Tim Drake", I don't mean Robin, Red Robin, or even an alternate-future Batman. I mean plain old Tim Drake.

Tonight's throwdown comes from Robin#12, written by Chuck Dixon and illustrated by Phil Jiminez and John Stokes.

Synopsis: While seeing a movie with his girlfriend Ariana, Tim runs afoul of two bullies. After initially losing his cool, Tim concludes that he has to take the thugs' beating without putting up a fight and taking the risk of revealing his Robin skills in a highly visible public place. And take the beating he does. What he doesn't take into account is how humiliated he feels as a result of getting beaten up in front of his girlfriend, secret identity or no secret identity.

(For the record, I don't completely agree with Tim's logic here. Sure, I can see why he doesn't bust out all his fancy Robin moves, but can't he at least throw a few punches?)

Later that night, he goes out on patrol with Batman, hoping that beating up crooks as Robin will help him feel better. But it's just not the same. Beating up thugs as Robin doesn't ease Tim Drake's humiliation. But there's no chance that he's ever going to encounter those exact same bullies again while he's Tim Drake, let alone in a private setting with no other witnesses, right?



Without any other witnesses, Tim goes to town on the thugs.

Judging by this graphic beating, he must have really been pissed.

Feel better, Tim?

In honor of Tim's sweet revenge, tonight's fight song is "Vengeance" by the Blue Oyster Cult.

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