Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Night Fights: Double M - Round 6: ROM-ble In The Bronx!

In honor of the recent news about Hasbro filing for the ROM trademark, tonight's round of Friday Night Fights: Double M features a showdown between our favorite Spaceknight and the original Heroes-For-Hire team, Luke Cage (aka Power Man) and Iron Fist.

In Power Man And Iron Fist#73, written by Mary Jo Duffy and illustrated by Greg LaRocque, ROM has come to New York and banishes some Dire Wraiths, including one who took the form of a prostitute, to Limbo. Unfortunately, to the human onlookers, it looks like our Galadorian Gladiator simply killed random people in cold blood. One of those onlookers, the prostitute's pimp, hires Luke and Danny to stop ROM.

Let's see how that works out for them, shall we?

Now it's Luke's turn.

Pay attention to how Luke is waling on ROM's rocket pack here. It'll come into play shortly.

Now it's back to Iron Fist, where ROM tries a different attack. After all, if you can't beat Iron Fist's chi...


At this point, our Spaceknight's just ready to cut bait

However, as he tries to use his rocket pack, the one Luke had just been beating on...



And on that awful pun, here's tonight's fight music by Pat Travers.

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