Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Night Fights: Mosquito - Round 2: Madam, I'm Adam!

For tonight's round of Friday Night Fights: Mosquito, I will REFER you to one of the craziest comic book fights I've ever encountered since my MOM and DAD bought me my first comic when I was little older than a TOT. It comes from Zatanna#12, the comic where the Justice League's favorite Mistress of Magic frequently SOLOS, and it's written by Matthew Sturges and illustrated by Stephanie Roux. One look at tonight's fight and you'll understand why this fight has stayed on my RADAR.

Synopsis: Zatanna encounters a vicious killer who calls himself Backslash. He has a magic sword powered by a captive fairy. Why does he go by that name and what does his sword do? Observe what happens when our Magical MADAM uses her power on him...


Oh, no! Zatanna is doomed unless she can find some way to LEVEL the playing field!

Fortunately, it looks like our beleaguered sorceress SEES what the captive fairy is trying to tell her.


Let that be a lesson to you, Backslash: LIVE NOT ON EVIL!

Don't worry, folks, Zee didn't violate a central superhero TENET and kill our backslashing baddie.

Our final fight STATS: Zatanna - 1, Backslash - 0!

Coincidentally enough, the title of tonight's fight song by House Of Love just happens to be the name of the captive fairy in our story.

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