Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Night Fights: The Mosquito - Round One: With Everything!

For the debut of the new bout our host Spacebooger has cooked up, Friday Night Fights: The Mosquito, I'm bringing you a fight you'll definitely relish, courtesy of Batgirl: Year One#8, a wonderful morsel which has been greatly adorned by writers Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty as well as artist Marcos Martin (who follows in the footsteps of older greats like Herb Trimpe).

Allow me to help you to play ketchup with my synopsis: Gotham City's Midtown Station is in the process of being robbed by....

....this guy.

Ooh, really scary there, Condiment King! He doesn't threaten them with mustard gas, just regular mustard? What a dip! He's lucky nobody pepper-sprayed him.

Also, I can imagine his thought process: "Hey, why don't I rob something in Gotham City? What's the Worcestershire that can happen?"

But as he hears the hummus of approaching motorcycles, his plans go from sweet to sour.

It's Robin the Boy Wonder alongside our ginger heroine Batgirl. Two young heroes who frequently complement DC's favorite pointy-eared main course.

Ol' Condy tries to as-salt those same two young heroes.

Fortunately, Dick Grayson is a seasoned acrobat, so he avoids getting creamed...

But while our saucy heroine's vehicle is not so lucky, Babs is able to cushion her crash and avoid being turned into guacamole.

Good gravy! That's quite a dressing-down Robin gave you there, C.K.! Maybe from now on you should just packet in.

We don't hold the mayo on this week's fight music by the Smashing Pumpkins.

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(And please don't tartar and feather me for all the unsavory puns tonight.)


At 7:56 AM , Blogger SallyP said...

That's one helluva lot of puns, my dear. But I forgive you, because frankly...I LOVE the Condiment King!

In fact, he is right up there with Carface, as one of my favorite idiotic villains.

We need MORE idiotic villains!


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