Friday, October 07, 2016

Friday Night Fights: Karate Kick - Round 9: Party Crashers!

Well, I'm halfway through Netflix' Luke Cage series and so far I'm loving every minute of it. In honor of that, I'm taking this week's furious feet selection from a comic he co-starred in back in the late 70's. Tonight's power-tussle comes from Power Man and Iron Fist#50, written by Chris Claremont and drawn by John Byrne and Dan Green. Synopsis: Luke Cage, who has just been cleared of the crimes he was framed of, is the guest of honor at a party thrown by his lawyer, Jeryn Hogarth. A brother bounty hunter team named Stiletto and Discus crash the get-together to try to bring Luke in to justice anyway. Luke, along with his friends Danny "Iron Fist" Rand, Colleen Wing, and Misty Knight, aim to make sure that doesn't happen.

Iron Fist is NOT happy about Discus' action.

And neither is Colleen Wing.

Tonight's cutting fight music is by Billy Joel.

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