Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Night Fights: Karate Kick - Round 11: Batgirl's Bag Of Kicks!

Since our humble host Spacebooger scored a previous round victory using the Stephanie Brown Batgirl, I figured I'd give it a shot with the original herself, Barbara Gordon. Better yet, I'm having her bring the Kane Pain tonight, courtesy of Detective Comics #389, written by Frank Robbins and illustrated by Gil Kane and Murphy Anderson.

Synopsis: Barbara answers an ad from airline hostess Darlene Dawson to dress as Batgirl at an awards ceremony in Darlene's stead, since Darlene claims she has to celebrate her grandfather's birthday the same evening. Unfortunately, it's a set-up: Darlene is actually double-crossing her gang of jewelry smugglers by keeping some jewels they smuggled for herself and her accomplice, dear old Grandpa, and setting up Barbara to be killed by the gang in her place. (Notice the gang in question is dressed in a Justice League motif.)

What a pickle! How will Babs get out of it?

Answer: Like this!

And for our fight music, here's Babs' very own theme song.


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