Thursday, January 01, 2009

Friday Night Fights: KAPOW!! - Round 9: Tigra With The Assist

Remember a time when Marvel thought of Tigra as more than just cannon fodder to make the "supervillain du jour" look more badass? More than just someone they could saddle with an asinine "alien pregnancy" storyline?

I do, and here's one of the stories from that time. It's from Fantastic Four#177 by Roy Thomas, Mike Friedrich, FNF fave George Perez, and inking legend Joe Sinnott.

Recap: The team is coming home to the Baxter Building after thwarting Galactus for the umpteenth time, and are ambushed and captured by the Wizard, the Sandman, and the Trapster, collectively known as the Frightful Four.

Yes, I know what they're thinking: They're called "The Frightful Four", but there's only three of them? Who the hell came up with their team name, Ben Folds?

The villains are, in fact, addressing this very issue:

The tryouts don't go very well. There's the Osprey, who applies without even having any powers or skills. There's the Texas Twister, who can create powerful whirlwinds but holds out for more money. There's Thundra, who just walks in and starts kicking their asses until she's subdued. And then there's Captain Ultra, who can fly and is super-strong, but has one little problem:

But then our heroine shows up:

The Wiz is so busy thinking with his "little wizard" that he gets distracted enough for Tigra to do this:

That she has, Benjamin! That she has!


And Paste Pot Pete gets pasted!

Spacebooger says, "Eat it, Quesada!"


At 6:15 AM , Blogger SallyP said...

Gosh! Good use of Tigra...who'd a' thunk?

At 11:09 AM , Blogger DarKye said...

Tigra being effective? Unheard of.

Also, whoa. What's up with Sandman's costume?

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