Thursday, March 31, 2011

McDonald's Young Justice Toy Lineup Is A Few Fries Short Of A Happy Meal

While I was watching the Cartoon Network last weekend, I couldn't help but notice a commercial for the new McDonald's "Young Justice" Happy Meal toys.

I also noticed some aspects of the figure selection that are....problematic.

Let's review the eight featured figures, shall we?

Figures 1-4. Robin, Kid Flash, Aquaman and Superboy. - No problems with these figures by themselves, as all four are members. But you know who else is a member?


Miss Martian

Think for a moment on the common trait that these two characters have. Now look back at all eight figures and observe what trait they all don't have.

See the problem?

Admittedly, I'm not a huge fan of the Artemis character. I think it's in part because of that idiotic bare midriff costume that she wears despite having absolutely no invulnerability whatsoever. Or maybe the fact that the show created her as a new character from scratch, when there are several existing heroines (Mia Dearden, Cissie Jones-King, Cassandra Cain, a de-aged Donna Troy, Cassie Sandsmark, Anita Fite, even a de-aged Helena Bertinelli) who would have been a better fit for her slot. Even so, she is still a team member and should have been included.

But leaving out Miss Martian? She's been a member since the end of the show's premiere. Look at her powers: Super-strength, flight, mental telepathy, invisibility, telekinesis, shape-shifting. Any of those abilities by itself would be impressive, but she's got them all. And since Superboy's flight, vision and tactile telekinesis powers haven't manifested on the show yet, Megan is technically the most powerful member of the group. Plus, she's got her own shape-shifting spacecraft which serves as the team's primary transportational mode. So the fact that she deserved her own figure goes without saying.

Figures 5-6. Superman and Batman. No problem with these two having figures, other than that Miss M. and Artemis don't. Batman is the group's taskmaster and Superman is part of a running subplot with Superboy.


Figure 7.

Captain Cold

Really? Captain Cold???  Look, I like Len Snart as much as the next guy, but he was in only one episode (the premiere) for a grand total of 27 seconds. Miss M. had more time than him even in that episode, and there she was revealed in the show's last minute. Oh, and did I mention that she's the most powerful member of the group????

Worse, there's....

Figure 8.

Black Manta

Wait a minute. Hold the phone!

Fucking BLACK MANTA gets his own figure before Megan, the most powerful member of the group, does??????

Jesus, I'm not a girl and even I'm insulted!

(Courtesy of Seanbaby.)

My thoughts exactly, Sinestro!


At 1:37 PM , Blogger SallyP said...

Well you know, they're just GIRLS, and we don't want the young boys who get these delicious Happy Meals to be confused or be caught playing with DOLLS or something.

At 6:22 PM , Blogger Ami Angelwings said...

I noticed that TOO the other day in McDonalds o_o but then again they have some sort of PINK toys for girls, so.. well.. why would we put in the female heroes in the shows! it's not like boys even NOTICE them or any might be sad they can't get the whole team of heroes or get one of their favs or nething.. nope nope nope.. even prepubescent boys understand that the female heroes only exist for their coming libido and to satisfy the 10 y/o feminazi crowd xDDD

At 5:00 AM , Blogger MOCK! said...

My 7 year old son even noticed the lack of the girls and inclusion of Captain Cold....My 13 year old daughter is SO desperate for decent female action figures she sometimes buys ANYTHING vaguely superhero-esque (old "Buffy" figs, for example) just to have SOMETHING to play with....

At 9:54 AM , Blogger Ami Angelwings said...

Hay Mock! I've noticed a serious lack of female chars from series in the toy section also :( Cuz I like browsing toy sections of dept stores for fun xD But there's always way less of them if at all. Like the series Stormhawks which has Piper, ALL of the other male chars, incl the villains have figures, some have MULTPLE ones and I haven't seen one w/ her at all -_-;; Most of the clone wars stuff has just the males also even tho that's a v female char heavy show (the McD toys had this issue also) >_<;; It's like even tho they're in the actual show, if you had the female chars as toys, boys' privates would just drop off or something -__-

At 3:54 PM , Blogger Saranga said...

i like to think that i'm redressing the balance in my home, as the only male figure I have is aries and aqauaman. the female feigures i have are black canary, wonder woman, supergirl, 2 batgirls and nightwing & flamebird (the peej and kara versions).

The mcdonalds set is just rubbish. :(

At 9:19 AM , Blogger Ami Angelwings said...

Hay Saranga, I have that Flamebird one! That's the armored one right? I LOVE it... also Kara actually seems to have bones and organs in that (which is why I bought it) and her face is big enuf to have features on it xD

At 11:31 AM , Blogger Saranga said...

yep it's the armoured one! i loved the designs and so ordered it at a london shop, (about 2 hours train ride from me - i was that keen to get it!)

At 9:13 PM , Blogger Ami Angelwings said...

It's sad tho that most of those figures aren't available in dept stores and I had to get them at the comics store :( cuz I dun think a lot of kids are browsing those with their parents as much as the local Wal-Mart

At 5:52 AM , Blogger notintheface said...

My wife and I got Happy Meals (rare for us) the weekend before I wrote this and we got those pink things with our meals. Now it makes sense. Yeah, those are SOO much cooler than Miss Martian and Artemis.

BTW, I remembered after I wrote the post that apparently Black Manta is supposed to be Aqualad's real father on the show (a fact that hasn't been revealed on-air yet). Still doesn't put him above Artemis or Miss M.

My wife has a ton of toys for both genders in storage in our basement (she's a preschool teacher). Me, I've only got one Ted Kord Blue Beetle action figure. However, if I get more, they will have to be predominantly male figures, as my wife wants the only female doll I play with to be her.

If I DO get a female figure, it will be something like Big Barda or Kate Kane Batwoman where the figure is fully clothed/armored head-to-toe. Those Nightwing/Flamebird figures would also be a good start as they look AWESOME.

At 12:50 PM , Blogger Ami Angelwings said...

They are v great :) There's a rly nice Batgirl figure too from the JUSTICE collection :) It's next to my TV :3

At 1:14 PM , Blogger Saranga said...

the minimates are also pretty cool and playable. you can;t swap heads and accessories and stuff, and they are the right size for any lego sculptures you may have lying about.

At 2:06 PM , Blogger notintheface said...

Wow! 10 comments on a post, not counting my own. Sweet!

At 3:37 PM , Blogger MOCK! said...

The biggest problem my daughter has (and to a lesser degree my son)is that most Comic Shop type figures RARELY stand up to any extended play. I've had to glue on more hands then I care to remember...her Donna Troy has had more than one repair session!

My daughter has the Batwoman and both the Barbara and Stephanie Batgirls. Those have been slightly more durable.

At 11:36 PM , Blogger Saranga said...

@mock: it's kind of appropriate that it's Donna who's had to be fixed, considering all her retcons..!!
As for Steph and Babs being more durable, well of course!

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