Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Night Fights: Repeat Rehash Revenge - Prize Fight: The Real Deal!

It's time for the Prize Fight of our Friday Night Fights: Repeat Rehash Revenge bout! The prize? A $5 Gift Card! Let the Prize Fight begin!

Spacebooger's chief rule here? That we use at least one character who appeared in one of our winning rounds. I'm going with Superman, who just appeared in my previous Round 12 victory. Our Man of Steel hasn't had an easy go of it this bout: He's been zapped by a Kryptonite-powered Booster Gold robot, depowered, forced to rescue his entire adopted planet from kidnapping, beaten unconscious by Captain Marvel, shot in the head by Jonah Hex, and he's gotten his ears boxed by Wonder Woman and had to deal with Lois Lane in a pillbox hat. And all that's on top of his recent DC-mandated coolectomy. After all that, the Big Red "S" has got to be looking for some serious payback. And who am I to refuse?

But besides our host's Prize Fight rules, there's also my personal edict that for every round I win, the next round's fight must somehow relate to the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Last time I won, I used the old "Superman used to be a member of the Legion" loophole to adhere to the rules of this bout. However, that may not be an option in the future, as it's a distinct possibility that post-coolectomy Superman never even joined the Legion. After all, as his close teenaged friends, the Legion would be considered, along with the Kents and Lois, to be part of that "strong human tether" that Clark was bonding with and that DC wants to cut. And broody single alien loners who are isolated from humanity are much easier for readers to relate to, dontcha know?

Anyway, that's academic here, because this time I've brought much more than just Superman as my Legion connection. This time......

Tonight's futuristic fracas´╗┐ comes from Action Comics#863 by Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, and Jon Sibal. It's the conclusion of the "Superman And The Legion Of Super-Heroes" arc. Supes has gone into the 31st Century to help his Legionnaire buddies save Earth from the xenophobia of their century's evil Justice League and their leader, Earth Man, a rejected Legion applicant with the power to absorb and duplicate superpowers (not so unlike Composite Superman or the loser of my other victory round from this bout, Dreadnought).

Here, a newly-repowered Supes and a newly-freed Legion join forces to face off against Earth-Man on the streets of Metropolis.

That's Shadow Lass and Night Girl double-teaming our villain in the last panel. Respectively, that's a heroine who can generate darkness and a heroine whose near-Kryptonian strength only functions in darkness. If I were a Legion Leader, I'd keep those two joined at the hip on every Legion mission. They're a natural combo, not unlike, say, teaming Color Kid with a yellow-weakness-era Green Lantern.

Here, Earth Man uses all of the Legion's powers against them at once, including, apparently, the power of Super-Onomatopoeia. He succeeds in taking down everybody except one man.

Care to guess who??

Earth Man tries to throw himself a Pity Party, but ol' Kal-El just ain't havin it.

And Earth Man is brought down to Earth!

Tonight's Prize Fight music is this "Earthy" tune from T-Bone Burnett.

You know who else knows how to bring suckas back down to Earth? Spacebooger!