Friday, November 27, 2015

FNF Presents: “Lights Out: Pitch Black Friday!” Prize Fight: Shady Lady!

It's time for the final prize fight for our host Spacebooger's latest bout, titled FNF Presents: “Lights Out: Pitch Black Friday!”. Our humble host has added one special rule: Every fight should have an overwhelming amount of darkness/lack of light. And what better protagonist to provide that than the Legion Of Super-Heroes' own Mistress of the Dark herself, Tasmia Mallor aka Shadow Lass?

Tonight's darkened donnybrook comes from Tales Of The Legion Of Super-Heroes #319 by Paul Levitz, Terry Shoemaker, and Karl Kesel. Synopsis: Tasmia's home planet Talok VII is being attacked by the Persuader and Lady Memory, the latter of whom has just driven Mon-El mad by forcing him to relive all 1000 of his years in the Phantom Zone. With the Legion's strongest member out of the picture, Lady Memory thinks taking out Shady will be a piece of cake.

Uhhh....not so much.

And it's lights out for Lady Memory!

The fight music for tonight's ebony embroglio is provided by Cher.

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Friday, November 06, 2015

Friday Night Fights: Lights Out - Round 11: Bird Vs. Brass!

Recently, the comics world lost one of its most beloved Silver Age artists and one of my all-time favorite inkers, Murphy Anderson. I remember getting my introduction to his work courtesy of his inking of Curt Swan on the Superman books, Since then, I've gotten to read more Silver and Bronze Age comics and seen his inks do wonders with greats like Swan, Gil Kane, Carmine Infantino, Dick Dillin, Bob Brown, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, and Dave Cockrum.

However, I've chosen tonight's round of Friday Night Fights: Lights Out o demonstrate that Anderson was a terrific penciller as well as inker. This Feathers vs. Flute fracas comes from Detective Comics #480 written by Len Wein and illustrated by the late, great Mr. Anderson. Synopsis: The Pied Piper has been lending his assistance to some robbers in Midway City, supplying them with his special musical instruments to aid them in fighting back against the police and Hawkman. With the aid of his own Thanagarian tech, the Winged Wonder has succeeded in topping the robbers' musical mayhem and has tracked their instruments back to their source.

No, not the wings!

That takes some brass, Hawkman!

And speaking of brass, here's tonight's fight song by the Pretenders.

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