Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Night Fights: Mosquito - Round 4: Falling To Pieces!

Tonight's round of Friday Night Fights: Mosquito comes from one of Young Notintheface's favorite comics, Justice League Of America#200, written by Gerry Conway and illustrated by George Perez and Brett Breeding.

Synopsis: The Appellax Aliens have been released by the original JLAers under mind-control and have gone to compete against each other using Earth as their battleground. Now free of the Appellaxians' control, the original Leaguers team up with the newer team members to take down the marauding aliens. One of those battlegrounds is New York City. One of the Appellaxians, the Stone God, is in the process of smashing some prime NYC architecture when....

Remember the old "Rock, Paper, Scissors" game? Scissors cut paper, rock breaks scissors, etc? Well....


Tonight's fight music by Faith No More also hits like a jackhammer.

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Or Spacebooger will lay the hammer down!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

Courtesy of Chris Roberson and Rich Ellis.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Night Fights: Mosquito - Round 3: Edison Wrecks!

Tonight's round of Friday Night Fights: Mosquito marks a special milestone: The first FNF entry to come from Monkeybrain Comics, the imprint created in 2012 by the husband/wife team of Chris Roberson and Alison Baker.

Tonight's Monkeybrain FNF debut comes from Edison Rex#2, written by Roberson and illustrated by Dennis Culver. This premise of this series is essentially "Megamind" played completely straight. After years of attempting to defeat a Superman-type hero named Valiant and prove he's a menace, the Lex Luthoresque titular character actually succeeds, only to realize that he needs to protect the Earth in Valiant's stead and become a hero himself. (This actually predates Superior Spider-Man by a little less than a year. And is much less forced.)

Synopsis: Edison wants to become Earth's hero, but he realizes it will really help if Earth's population actually perceives him as a hero. Which, seeing as how he was previously Earth's most infamous villain, is easier said than done. So he decides his best option is to take down a major menace in public. Luckily for Edison, he's found one in the form of another supervillain.

Glowing Green Viking Guy, like everyone else, still thinks Edison is a villain and offers to team up with him. Edison responds by blasting him instead.

Glowing Green Viking Guy does not take this well.

FYI, "Glowing Green Viking Guy" isn't his actual villain name. What is it, you ask?


Sorry you asked, huh?

Is that all she wrote for Edison?

Well, obviously,,,no.

Ok, back to our still-rambling Nuclear Norseman.

So not only had Edison turned over a new leaf, he's also turned over a new Leif.

(Sorry, still going through pun withdrawal from my last two rounds.)

Tonight's fight music, coincidentally enough, is also by a famous Edison.

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Night Fights: Mosquito - Round 2: Madam, I'm Adam!

For tonight's round of Friday Night Fights: Mosquito, I will REFER you to one of the craziest comic book fights I've ever encountered since my MOM and DAD bought me my first comic when I was little older than a TOT. It comes from Zatanna#12, the comic where the Justice League's favorite Mistress of Magic frequently SOLOS, and it's written by Matthew Sturges and illustrated by Stephanie Roux. One look at tonight's fight and you'll understand why this fight has stayed on my RADAR.

Synopsis: Zatanna encounters a vicious killer who calls himself Backslash. He has a magic sword powered by a captive fairy. Why does he go by that name and what does his sword do? Observe what happens when our Magical MADAM uses her power on him...


Oh, no! Zatanna is doomed unless she can find some way to LEVEL the playing field!

Fortunately, it looks like our beleaguered sorceress SEES what the captive fairy is trying to tell her.


Let that be a lesson to you, Backslash: LIVE NOT ON EVIL!

Don't worry, folks, Zee didn't violate a central superhero TENET and kill our backslashing baddie.

Our final fight STATS: Zatanna - 1, Backslash - 0!

Coincidentally enough, the title of tonight's fight song by House Of Love just happens to be the name of the captive fairy in our story.

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(You wouldn't want to make our host Spacebooger any REDDER!)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Night Fights: The Mosquito - Round One: With Everything!

For the debut of the new bout our host Spacebooger has cooked up, Friday Night Fights: The Mosquito, I'm bringing you a fight you'll definitely relish, courtesy of Batgirl: Year One#8, a wonderful morsel which has been greatly adorned by writers Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty as well as artist Marcos Martin (who follows in the footsteps of older greats like Herb Trimpe).

Allow me to help you to play ketchup with my synopsis: Gotham City's Midtown Station is in the process of being robbed by....

....this guy.

Ooh, really scary there, Condiment King! He doesn't threaten them with mustard gas, just regular mustard? What a dip! He's lucky nobody pepper-sprayed him.

Also, I can imagine his thought process: "Hey, why don't I rob something in Gotham City? What's the Worcestershire that can happen?"

But as he hears the hummus of approaching motorcycles, his plans go from sweet to sour.

It's Robin the Boy Wonder alongside our ginger heroine Batgirl. Two young heroes who frequently complement DC's favorite pointy-eared main course.

Ol' Condy tries to as-salt those same two young heroes.

Fortunately, Dick Grayson is a seasoned acrobat, so he avoids getting creamed...

But while our saucy heroine's vehicle is not so lucky, Babs is able to cushion her crash and avoid being turned into guacamole.

Good gravy! That's quite a dressing-down Robin gave you there, C.K.! Maybe from now on you should just packet in.

We don't hold the mayo on this week's fight music by the Smashing Pumpkins.

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(And please don't tartar and feather me for all the unsavory puns tonight.)