Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Night Fights: Karate Kick - Round 3: Giving Firestorm The Slip(knot)!


I'm coming late to the latest bout by our humble host, Spacebooger, entitled "Friday Night Fights: Karate Kick", which contains one special rule:

For the next 12 rounds all fights must feature a foot to the face, a boot to the belly, a roundhouse to the ribs, a heel to the head, a stiletto to the stomach… you get the point.

Tonight I'll be kickin' it with The Fury Of Firestorm#28, written by Gerry Conway, pencilled by Rafael Kayanan, and inked by Pablo Marcos and Rodin Rodriguez, and features our favorite Nuclear Man struggling against the amazing might of....


No, seriously.

Synopsis: Our hot-headed hero is spending some alone time with Lorraine Reilly when...

Yes, this villain is facing off against a nuclear-powered hero armed with power of...rope tricks.


Yep, Gerry Conway really took pains to demonstrate that the Rope-Tying Ruffian was actually....dangerous. Why yes, he'd have to be. After all, he apparently beat out Square Lash, Doctor Two Half Hitches, and Taut Line Man for the job.

"This is all well and good," you're thinking, but where's the kick?

THERE'S the kick.

Don't worry, folks, the fight quickly turns around when the Cravat-Using Criminal makes the classic Bond villain error of not making sure our hero is actually dead. And when Ronnie actually remembers that he's fricking Firestorm. But for purposes of this bout, I'm stopping here with our hero....on the ropes.

Tonight's frayed fight music is by the Foo Fighters.

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