Monday, June 29, 2009

Is Doc Ock Marvel's Hal Jordan?

You be the judge:

In the good Doctor's defense, at least he sustained all his head traumas at the hands of legitimate pros like Cap, DD, and Spidey, along with heavy hitters like Sandman, Ultron, and even the Green Guy himself.

Hal, on the other hand:

Well, it just speaks for itself.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Night Fights: G7 - Fight Music! Round 5: Head First!

A few weeks back, I made a promise to our host that I would post at least one "Hal Jordan head injury" entry for Friday Night Fights: G7.

Now, thanks to the wonderful and generous Sally P, I'm keeping my promise in Round 5.

Tonight's brawl comes to us from Green Lantern#45, "Prince Peril's Power Grab", by John Broome, Gil Kane, and Sid Greene. Fighting against the aforementioned Prince Peril, Hal demonstrates that he doesn't need to rely on his power ring because he knows how to use his head in a fight.

As for tonight's fight music, I'm going with "Head First" by The Babys for....obvious reasons:

"We're going head first!"

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Night Fights: G7 - Fight Music! - Round 4: The Mighty Quinn!

Tonight's round of Friday Night Fights: G7 comes from Harley Quinn#28, in which Harley is kidnapped by a bunch of idiots who are actually dumb enough to believe that she's trapped with them.

(Cue the fight music)

Come all without,

Come all within,

You'll not see nothing like the Mighty Quinn!

Tonight's featured fight song was, of course, "The Mighty Quinn", written by a little-known songwriter named Robert Zimmerman* and performed by Manfred Mann.

(*Bob Dylan.)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Night Fights: G7 - Fight Music! Round 3: You Owe Me Money!

In tonight's entry for Round 3 of Friday Night Fights: G7 - Fight Music! , I'm getting some tag-team assistance from none other than Christopher Sims himself. You see, back in January of 2007, Mr. Sims recapped the Marvel Bronze Age crack that was Luke Cage, Hero For Hire#9. (By the way, it was a non-FNF post, otherwise I would not use the scans below.)

In this tale entitled "Where Angels Fear To Tread" by Steve Englehart and George Tuska, Dr. Doom, through a third party, hires Luke Cage for $200 to take down some of his robots who are disguised as black men and hiding in New York. (No, I'm not making this up.) Cage does so, only to have Doom skip out on paying him faster than you can say "Sweet Christmas!". Luke isn't having it, so he borrows a Fantastic Four pogo plane and jets to Latveria to get his due.

Only one thing could make this story better: Setting it to music.

And I can think of no better or more appropriate fight music than a song by a band I saw at many a live show in Chicago during my mid-to-late 20's. Tonight's featured fight song is "You Owe Me Money", written and performed by Ralph Covert (of Ralph's World fame, for the parents among you) and his band, The Bad Examples.

I think I'm gonna like this
Cutting you down to size
I've never been a bully -- I think it's about time
Gonna take you in the alley
Cut you up against the wall
Makes me feel so big -- makes you look so small

You owe me money
You owe me money
You owe me money
I'm gonna get it all

You're a real James Dean
Another rebel on the run
You gotta pay a price
For having other people's fun

Don't mess with me baby
'Cause I've been standing in your shoes
They got it out of me
I'm gonna get it out of you

You owe me money
You owe me money
You owe me money (yah)
Money (yah)
Money (yah)
I'm gonna get it all!!

Count your blessings, Vic. At least you didn't owe money to this guy.

Or this guy.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday Night Fights: G7 - Fight Music - Round Two: My Own Worst Enemy

For Round Two of Friday Night Fights: G7 - Fight Music, we're going back to the days of the annual Silver Age team-ups between the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America. The entry comes to us from Justice League of America #74, "Where Death Fears To Tread!", written by Denny O'Neill and drawn by Dick Dillin and Sid Greene.

Synopsis: The JSA, including the Earth-Two Superman, has been defeated by the all-powerful entity Aquarius, who releases them under his control, ordering them to destroy the JLA. Naturally, Superman-2 goes up against his Earth-One counterpart.

This story takes place before Keith Giffen and Wally Wood gave Earth-2 Supes the silver temples and older appearance in the late 70's. As rendered by Dillin and Greene here, the two Supermen look exactly alike. This inspired my choice of fight music for tonight's round: "My Own Worst Enemy" by Lit .

It's no surprise to me, I am my own worst enemy...

'Cause every now and then I kick the living sh*t out of me!

(Spacebooger could take 'em both on.)

Thanks again to Dial B.